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Daimler had long utilized a test track in South Bend, Indiana. Company officials noted how excited they were payday loans online be able to exchange a two-hour drive over Mount Hood for long flights to Chicago followed by drives to South Bend, only to have to share a test track with competitors. No doubt the community is just as excited about Daimler's new Madras facility. Congratulations to city leaders and economic development professionals for helping to make it happen. We gave the city of Madras a hard time with its original entering south Madras welcome sign.

To the payday loans online of, when a man lost control of his pickup, slammed into sign and smashed it to pieces, we jokingly noted that there was a leader in the clubhouse for citizen of the year. The original payday loans online, part of the redesign of U.

Highways 97 and 26 coming into the city, was, at best, blah and uninsipired. Last week, the replacement sign went up. If you have been afraid to venture into Memorial Weekend traffic and haven't seen it yet, fire up the family wagon and do so.

It may seem a little silly to be ballyhooing over a welcome sign into a city, but it is important, especially to a smaller town. A sign that catches the eye, is creative and interesting conveys a message to visitors that they're cruising into a unique community that's worthy of a look-around.

City officials agreed that the original sign was less than impressive, and that they were hoping the artists the state arranged for would have pay day loans better mirrored elements of the north Madras sign (which was vertical as opposed to the horizontal south sign). The north sign was unique and interesting. The original south sign -- with the basic "Welcome to" then "Madras" then "1910" on blond wood planks - not so much. With the beautiful burned-in design of the city logo - the trestle with Mount Jefferson, and the larger, stronger read-out pay day loans of the "Madras," plus the sister city of Tomi, Japan, inscribed.

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Click here to renew your DBA membership. Hurst Read More 12345 Get Your Raffle Ticket. For your chance to win a 2018 Mercedes-Benz, benefiting DVAP. Read More 12345 DVAP Give Thanks Through Honor Giving Read More 12345 Celebrate 40 Years. Watch the History of the Belo video Read More 12345 Join pay day loans the DBA jQuery( ".

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